Intel Architecture Day 2021: Alder Lake and Arc

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This x86 core is not only the highest performing CPU core Intel has ever built, but it also delivers a step function in CPU architecture performance that will drive the next decade of compute. It was designed as a wider, deeper and smarter architecture to expose more parallelism, increase execution parallelism, reduce latency and increase general purpose performance. It also helps support large data and large code footprint applications. Performance-core provides a Geomean improvement of about 19%, across a wide range of workloads over our current 11th Gen Intel Core architecture (Cypress Cove core) at the same frequency.

Targeted for data center processors and for the evolving trends in machine learning, Performance-core brings dedicated hardware, including Intel’s new Advanced Matrix Extensions (AMX), to perform matrix multiplication operations for an order of magnitude performance – a nearly 8x increase in artificial intelligence acceleration. This is architected for software ease of use, leveraging the x86 programing model.

Intel’s claim of 19% improvement is obviously significant, and as this Geomean improvement is “at the same frequency” as their 11th Gen Core it represents a massive jump in IPC. The closing reference to “software ease of use, leveraging the x86 programing model” seems like a direct jab in Apple’s direction. Well, as long as Intel’s new CPU architecture is well optimized for in software, we should see some interesting performance comparisons – vs. both AMD Ryzen and Apple M1.

Intel’s video introduction to Performance-core Architecture is embedded below:

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