Intel Launches 11th Gen Tiger Lake-H Mobile Processors

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In closing, I think it’s fair to say that laptops featuring the overclockable 65W+ Core i9-11980HK are going to require some significant cooling to achieve sustained performance. Intel was able to get the clocks they needed on their 10 nm SuperFin process with high performance 8-core mobile parts, but the full story is going to involve a look at PL1 / PL2 limits, as well as boost duration.

A big part of this launch is that Intel has now moved their full consumer mobile product offering down to 10 nm, notable as 10th Gen mobile still included 14nm parts on the high performance side. We will have to see how this affects battery life, though it appears that Intel is pushing the limits of performance rather than keeping clocks down to reduce power consumption – at least with the high end SKUs.

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