iPhone 13 is selling like crazy – 40 million phones sold over the holiday season

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iPhone 13 is selling like crazy - 40 million phones sold over the holiday season

The iPhone 13 series is turning out to be a huge success for Apple. The company sold more than 40 million units during the holiday season, according to a research note from Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives.

The note was published by Philip Elmer-DeWitt, with forecasts on Apple’s financial performance, and the prediction that Apple would become the first publicly traded U.S. firm to be valued at three trillion dollars (absolutely correct). According to Ives, iPhone 13 sales will continue to grow in 2022.

The analyst also thinks that Apple wasn’t able to satisfy iPhone 13 demand in December, mainly because of the chip shortage situation. Here’s a part of the note:

“While the supply chain shortages have dominated the Street conversation around Apple in the holiday quarter, we instead are focused on the robust consumer demand story shaping up for iPhone 13 into 2022. Based on our supply chain checks over the last few weeks, we believe demand is outstripping supply for Apple by roughly 12 million units in the December quarter which now will add to the tailwinds for Cupertino in March and June quarters as the supply chain issues ease in 1H22…”

The iPhone 13 series was originally launched in September of 2021, and we’re expecting the successor to be announced during the same month in 2022, giving the iPhone 13 series plenty of time to sell even better.

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