iPhone 13 Pro gets Macro mode toggle in Camera app with iOS 15.2 beta 2

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One of the clunky aspects of the new camera system with the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max was the Macro mode originally kicked in automatically with no option to disable or manually trigger the feature. After first seeing a disable Auto Macro option with iOS 15.1, now Apple has included a toggle option inside the Camera app with iOS 15.2 beta 2.

The new Macro toggle inside the Camera app for the iPhone 13 Pro went under the radar earlier this week but was spotted by Aaron Zollo on Tuesday and today by 9to5Mac reader Dylan McD8.

Instead of having to dig into Settings > Camera > Auto Macro to disable or enable the feature, there’s now a toggle right in the Camera app (look for the flower icon).

To get it, you do have to disable the Auto Macro toggle in Settings > Camera before the button will show up in iOS 15.2 beta 2.

You’ll also need to get close enough to your subject for the Macro toggle to appear but the addition offers a much more seamless experience for using the new mode with the iPhone 13 Pro.

There is also a secondary Auto Macro button under Settings > Camera > Preserve that you may need to double-check. It’s possible Apple may clean up the implementation of the Auto Macro settings before it launches to the public.

Here’s a walkthrough of the new iOS 15.2 beta 2 feature below:

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