Let’s Render Blender On Consumer Cards From AMD And NVIDIA

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Professional Rendering On Consumer Cards Over The Generations

One possible path to get yourself a new GPU is to convince your employer that you need it for your job.  The chances are you would argue for NVIDIA as several rendering programs don’t intend to support Radeon going forward, or in some cases only supporting them when installed in Apple machines.  This is a pity for several reasons, the most pertinent being that in many tests Techgage was unable to test whether the larger memory pool on new RDNA2 cards is better for rendering than the smaller but faster memory on Ampere.

Leaving aside the tests which only feature NVIDIA and the ray traced benchmarks, in which NVIDIA has an unchallenged lead, doesn’t really help AMD much overall.  In most tests, up to and including AMD’s own Radeon ProRender, NVIDIA has a clear lead and the only real decision is if you can live with an RX 3070 or if you should shoot for an RX 3090.  Blender’s Classroom is an exception, in the past AMD has held an impressive performance lead and that has not changed one bit.

Take a look through the full review to build your case for a new GPU … if you can find a card for sale that is.

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