Lockscreen weather Shortcut displays report and pretty photos

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Designer and developer Broank has created a beautiful lockscreen weather Shortcut, which updates your lockscreen wallpaper with a pretty photo and a weather report. The Shortcut requires iOS 15, and an iPhone X or later.

By default, it grabs nature and landscape photos from a free stock photography website, but you can change it to use your own photos if you prefer …

Rain or shine. Update your Lockscreen wallpaper with beautiful live weather conditions. Wetr is a Shortcut that sets a new wallpaper and overlays weather conditions on top, each time you run it.

Beautiful Themes. 4 themes to choose from, or let Auto theme control Light and Dark for you.

To install it, go to the shortcut page while on your iPhone and press the Download button. You will then be asked to grant a lengthy list of permissions, including downloading from Github. Obviously you should never grant these kind of permissions unless you trust the developer; I do, so I did.

By default, it has to be run manually by pressing the Shortcut button, or via Siri. However, a better way is to automate it by setting up a personal automation. If you’ve never done this before, the process is rather clunky, but the site contains a complete walk-through of the process.

I set it to run automatically at 7 a.m. daily.

Broank also offers a number of other Shortcuts, including an iOS 6 overlay for a classic iPhone lookalike homescreen! You do, of course, still have to swipe up to unlock.

If you want to create your own wallpapers, there’s a Shortcut for that too.

The new WallCreator shortcut can generate a custom wallpaper with a solid color or a gradient with just a few taps. Once you add the shortcut and run it, WallCreator will ask you to to choose a wallpaper type.

macOS Monterey brought Shortcuts to the Mac for the first time. Check out our walkthrough of this and more than 100 other changes and features.

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