Make Your Projector Shine With The Grandview Dynamique DY3 ALR Screen

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Even The Best Projectors Need Something Good To Shine On

The Grandview Dynamique DY3 ALR screen is a fixed frame screen, but designed in such a way that it can be shipped disassembled and can be put together by even an only relatively handy customer.  The aluminium frame is well labelled and assembled with screw plates, the hardest part about the assembly is dealing with it’s 100″ size.  The screen is also well labelled and after a bit of smoothing, TechPowerUp used the old “wax on & wax off” technique, the anchor points and springs can be attached, which maintain tension on the screen.  A curved TV might be nice, but you don’t want a curve on a projection surface.

The trademarked Ambient Light Rejecting fabric the screen is made with is designed to reflect direct light back but diffuse any light which comes from a angle.  In practice the ALR fabric lives up to the hype, it is dark coloured until you project a video on it, at which point it literally glows.  If you are looking at a short throw projector and have the wall space to handle it, the Grandview Dynamique DY3 ALR screen will make movie night much better, as long as you are willing to pay the $1100 entry fee.

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