MOFT launches new stands for laptops, a magnetic iPad stand, and new iPhone 13 cases

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MOFT new laptop, iPhone and iPad accessories at CES 2022
MOFT Smart Desk Mat
Source: MOFT

MOFT became well-known after introducing its stylish and sleek-looking invisible stands that offered additional use cases for existing products without adding too much extra bulk. MOFT announced several new accessories at CES 2022, and it introduced two new portable laptop stands for MacBooks and PCs, a magnetic Snap case for the iPad mini 6, a new MagSafe compatible iPhone 13, and a unique Smart Desk Mat.

MOFT Laptop Stands

The new laptop stand offers a sleek and less bulky option for those who want to raise the laptop off the surface on a desk. MOFT claims that the new design can reduce the heat across the laptop’s surface by 5-10-degrees Celsius, allowing the device to perform better for longer periods while under load.

The case can attach to the back of the laptop, and it goes visually unnoticed due to its thin and light form factor, the company says. The back of the stand is adhesive, and it’s adjustable to two elevated angles, 2 and 3-degrees. The new stand is made of soft vegan leather and fiberglass, and it weighs only 2.3 oz and supports laptops up to 16-inches. The new laptop stands will launch in March 2022, although MOFT didn’t announce how much they’re expected to cost and where it’ll be available.

MOFT Snap iPad Cases and Stands

MOFT made a new Snap-on Series case for the iPad mini 6. The Snap cases can magnetically attach to the back of the devices and offer a clean design all around with a more versatile and portable experience. The new stands are made out of vegan leather.

The Snap Tablet Stand mini can magnetically attach to the Snap Case, and it can fold out and offer six viewing angles in portrait, landscape, and float modes. The company will also launch a mini version of the iPad Float stands with the Snap Tablet Case. The new accessory will use a double-hinge structure and a solid base fold with 130-degrees of screen rotation, and it can raise the iPad mini by up to 3.15-inches off the surface.

The three new products will launch on January 17 on MOFT’s website, and the Snap Tablet Case mini and Snap Tablet Stand mini will retail as a set for $58. Separately, the Snap Tablet Case mini will retail for $39, the Snap Tablet Stand mini for $34, and the Snap Float Stand mini for $35.

MOFT MagSafe Cases for iPhone 13

The company announced its new MagSafe compatible iPhone cases, compatible with the 12 and 13 Series. The new MOFT Snap Set provides additional features, and it offers protection against drops, scuffs, and scratches. There’s also an attachable wallet that can store up to 3 credit cards.

The new cases are lightweight and come with a slim profile. MOFT says it has stronger magnets and the case has polished edges. It’s made out of vegan leather like the rest of the products, and it offers three-angle adjustment modes to view in portrait, landscape, and floating modes. The new Snap Case also supports other existing MagSafe accessories, such as Apple’s battery pack, and other products.

The new Snap Case will be available in Black and White colors, and they’ll be compatible with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 Series (“mini” not included). The Snap-on Stand & Wallet will be available in Windy Blue, Classic Nude, Sienna Brown, Wanderlust Blue, Sunset Orange, Hello Yellow, Cool Gray, and Jet Black colors. The entire set will retail for $69.99 on MOFT’s website.

MOFT Smart Desk Mat

MOFT new laptop, iPhone and iPad accessories at CES 2022
MOFT Smart Desk Mat
Source: MOFT

MOFT just announced its brand new product, the Smart Desk Mat. The new accessory aims to help people collectively use their devices. The Smart Desk Mat offers a more organized and comfortable desk space, and it appears to be a rather simple, and elegant solution to a problem that most likely happened to all of us.

The stand has three angles that act as a laptop and tablet stand, while magnetic accessories allow them to be propped up simultaneously at the same viewing angle for a multi-screen workstation. The new Desk Mat uses the MOFT’s Snap System with built-in magnets to snap onto the devices. The setup includes a holder for the Apple Watch or Aidpos case, as well as a tablet or laptop. There are also two embedded NFC zones that can be customized to personal settings and allow easy and quick shortcuts to certain actions and tasks.

The new MOFT Smart Desk Mat is currently available for pre-order on IndieGoGo for an Early Bird price of $84. It’ll launch this Spring for $99.99 on MOFT’s website, and it’ll come in three color options: Night Black, Oxford Blue, and Sienna Brown.

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