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Would that be an iPF5100?

The 5100 never went through the expected 5300 / 5400 / PRO-x000 / PRO-x100 sequence – I always liked it as a printer.

The PRO-1000 came in using the head technology of the PRO-x000 series and surprised many with it’s lack of roll paper support

Canon in the iPF5100 had a 17″ printer that was (with its roll support and big paper cassette) a match for the bigger Epson 17″ SP4000 -> P5000 series

My feeling is that the Epson P5000 (and whatever succeeds it – also ‘pending’) needs something from Canon to go up against it.

Moving the PRO-1000 successor ‘upmarket’ definitely leaves a space for a 17″ competitor to the Epson P900

That’s all at 17″

For smaller printers – I’m curious to see just how far Canon and Epson go with the ink tank idea.

I’ve currently still got quite a few printers here from my reviews over the last year, and have just finished a look at Canon’s G550 (OK, only A4 – much smaller than I normally test). Nothing bigger yet from Canon. The 13″ tank based Epson ET-8550 is a very interesting development with its hybrid ink system.

No, I don’t expect to see higher end ‘tank’ printers soon…

BTW If it’s of interest, reviews (and now videos as well) of almost all the printers mentioned above are at:

The G550 one will be added this weekend.

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