New Google Pay challenge can earn you up to $70 if you complete these tasks

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Google Pay Power Button ShortcutSource: Joe Maring / Android Central

Google Pay has a brand new challenge if you’re up for some extra cash, giving you the opportunity to earn $25 when you collect any four out of five cards and up to $45 for referrals.

The new “Football Challenge” is a follow-up to the previous “Spring Cleaning” event, which demanded the same requirements from participants earlier this year. To begin, you must first sign up for Google Pay rewards and then begin collecting the required number of cards.

Open to both Android and iOS users, the football-themed tasks include a trivia question. Once you’ve answered that correctly, you’ll need to follow through with three more missions, according to 9to5Google. These include paying for two separate purchases using the Pay app at any physical shop, though this is available only on the best Android phones. Other tasks include linking a new account for financial insights, paying with Google Pay, and referring a friend.

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The last challenge raises your total earnings with $15 per referral for up to three individuals. This means you can get up to $70 in cashback. However, your referrals need to make actual payments through the app before you can get your reward. Learn more about the promotion here.

In addition, if you make a $50 or higher purchase after collecting two cards during the challenge, Fanatics will give you a $30 promo code. You can sign up for the challenge right now on Google Pay’s home page, and the 10-day event will end on November 22.

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