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Rumors of the next Canon Cinema EOS camera have started to hit the inboxes of like sites. This one I haven’t heard anything about previously, so please treat it accordingly.

The name for the camera is suggested to be the EOS C5, which would be a new line of Cinema EOS cameras from Canon.

Below are the rumored specifications from Canon Watch

  • The camera is a combination of the EOS R5 C and EOS C300 III, similar in appearance to the EOS R5 C, but more square, with the electric ND filter of the EOS C300 III, the professional interface of the EOS C70, and an extended battery compartment.
  • Its XF-AVC recording format is the same as the EOS C70, but it uses a modified version of the EOS R5 C’s CMOS sensor with a total of 22.5 megapixels.
  • With a sampling resolution of 8192×2160, it is capable of perfect oversampling to 4K 120fps, making it Canon’s current 4K 120fps product with the best image quality.
  • When the frame rate is reduced to 72fps or less, DGO mode is turned on to provide a higher dynamic range.
  • Unlike the current EOS C70, it does not offer RAW recording for now.
  • Full pixel QPAF, and RAW internal recording in subsequent firmware.
  • In terms of photography, it no longer offers a mechanical shutter and is replaced by in-body stabilization.

If this post brings about more information, I will obviously update you all.

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