No yolk! Eggs steal the scenes in latest “Shot on iPhone” ad (VIDEO)

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No yolk! Eggs steal the scenes in latest "Shot on iPhone" ad (VIDEO)

It’s amazing what you can do with an iPhone 13 Pro and some eggs. French film director Michel Gondry was commissioned by Apple to produce a Shot on iPhone 13 Pro video and as Apple says in the YouTube listing, this is  “A look behind the scenes as Michel Gondry turns a simple carton of eggs into a dozen pieces of cinema, with some help from iPhone 13 Pro.”
So why eggs? Monsieur Gondry says that “I like to start from something very trivial or mundane and find a way to get magic out of it. I like to use a basic and simple element to construct a result that’s more sophisticated.” That is exactly what the famed director did with this video. As for the bizarre scenes involving the eggs, Gondry states that “I let my imagination go to look for weird situations that are really specific or original with an egg.”

The video shows parts of the storyboard that were used to plan the scenes recorded. Interestingly, the director makes it known that he doesn’t care if you notice the strings attached to the eggs in some of the scenes. “Its like incorporating the ‘making of’ within the image,” he says.

Gondry also has some kind words to say about shooting his video on the iPhone. “The iPhone quality of image narrows the difference with a big professional camera,” the director states. He adds that with the iPhone, anyone can make movies that look like the ones they see in the movie theaters. While not everyone can make a movie, Gondry says, anyone can come up with something surprising.

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