Official Samsung 45W charger meant to pair with the Galaxy S22 Ultra leaks

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Official Samsung 45W charger meant to pair with the Galaxy S22 Ultra leaks

Charging speeds have been getting faster and faster thanks to new technology, especially, when it comes to some phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Vivo. However, the more popular companies like Apple and Samsung are taking their time with implementing such charging speeds.

For example, Samsung, in particular, has gone back and forth between 25W and 45W fast charging with their phones. The only two Samsung handsets that have had 45W fast charging until now were the Galaxy Note 10+ and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Well, rumor has it that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be bringing the 45W fast charging back, and an even better one than before.

The official Samsung 45W fast charger that is supposed to go perfectly with the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra was recently leaked by Twitter user Roland Quandt. Quandt published an image of the Samsung 45W PD charger’s box with model number EP-T4510. Pictured on the box is the charger itself, alongside the included USB Type-C to USB Type-C 1.8m long cable. (via SamMobile)

As for the capabilities of the charger itself, reports say that it can charge the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Galaxy S22+ from 0-70% for as little as 30 minutes. The last 45W charger from Samsung didn’t prove to offer much improvement over the regular 25W one, but this improved model is expected to bring considerably better performance. For now, everything is in the realm of speculation, though, so take this information with a grain of salt.Hopefully, this time around, the 45W fast charging is here to stay with Samsung’s phones and maybe trickle down to the other “Galaxy S” models in the following years. Given that competitors are now flaunting 120W charging speeds for their devices, it’s high time companies like Samsung pick up the pace and deliver modern specs to their customers.

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