Oppo retractable camera concept makes huge bumps a thing of the past

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Oppo retractable camera


  • Oppo has briefly shown off a retractable rear camera for phones.
  • This would drastically reduce the size of a camera bump.
  • There’s no word on any other practical features this would enable.

Camera bumps are one of the more annoying things about smartphones today, as many devices have main cameras that jut out from the rest of the phone. This means your phone might wobble when flat on a desk or gather loads of dust around the camera.

Fortunately, Oppo has a solution as the firm has revealed a retractable camera. A video posted by the firm’s Twitter account shows a tiny main camera bump that turns into a jutting sensor when the phone’s camera app is launched. Check it out below.

The video also suggests that, much like traditional pop-up selfie cameras, the phone has fall detection that retracts the camera when you drop the device.

Oppo didn’t reveal any more about the retractable camera, but we do get a look at text revealing a 1/1.56-inch sensor size, 50mm focal length, and f/2.4 aperture. The sensor size is identical to the IMX766 50MP main and ultra-wide cameras found on the Find X3 Pro, although the focal length suggests we’re looking at a ~2X telephoto camera instead.

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Speaking of zoom capabilities, it’s not immediately clear whether this camera will be capable of optical zoom by moving in and out or if it has any other practical use for photography.

In any event, we’ll likely hear more from Oppo when the Inno Day event kicks off next week. The company has a mixed track record when it comes to Inno Day announcements translating into commercial products. So you might not want to hold your breath for phones with retractable cameras in 2022.

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