Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel Fold – Has Folded, Qualcomm Next Gen Chips & more! (video)

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Google Pixel Fold Renders Blue background

Google Pixel Fold

The official news today begins with Qualcomm as they just had their Investors Day conference where Cristiano Amon, the company’s CEO laid out a lot of what we can expect from them for the future. I think the most important take away is how the company plans to diversify its lineups and revenue streams in order to no longer be defined by a single end market or industry. Obviously 5G continues to be a key driver as the company plans to play a major role into every single connected device you use or carry, which is already evolving to be more than just phones. Examples of this are how Qualcomm is teaming up with BMW to produce and develop chips for next gen driver assistance and self-driving systems in BMW’s upcoming vehicles – a huge opportunity for both companies. They then talked about their role in AR and VR, and how their recent announcement of the Snapdragon Spaces developer platform helps take these plans further. As for their mobile chips, which is what we’ve known Qualcomm for most, things get pretty interesting. Surely the company continues to be the biggest player in the market of high-end flagships and mid-rangers, but we did get some light on what it plans to do with its Nuvia acquisition. Qualcomm’s next generation of chips is already in the works, and which they claim will be “designed to set the performance benchmark for Windows” to compete with other ARM solutions like Apple Silicon. We can expect the first release over the next 9 months, and it seems this will be the backbone for how they approach other industries like automotive. Obviously this is just a quick summary. Follow the first link in the description to learn more about everything that was announced.

Moving on, let’s talk about something I think all of us tech enthusiasts are tired of hearing, the words “chip shortage”. We’re well over a year into this current shortage which has affected a ton of devices, from the PS5 to things that haven’t seen the light of day yet like Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE. And even if things seem to be getting better, it looks like this shortage will be here for a while. On a new report from the Wallstreet Journal, Foxconn is claiming that the ongoing shortage could last until the second half of 2022. Now, even with Foxconn reaching their revenue estimate so far, the company is predicting that their Q4 2022 revenue could drop if it continues. And since we’re talking Foxconn, just for context, Apple hasn’t really been as strongly impacted by the shortage like some other companies but, despite having a strong quarter, they still lost 6 Billion dollars in revenue due to this issue, and they expect the impact to be stronger for the holidays. Apparently things could get better soon as certain companies plan to move some of their production but we’ll just have to wait and see for now.

Now let’s talk OnePlus and I know what you’re thinking, it’s pretty early for us to be getting into OnePlus 10 news that are major but you’ll see why. Last week we got our first look of the OnePlus 10 Pro from OnLeaks, and now he’s giving us even more things to talk about. Starting with the Nord Series, he shared some images that allegedly belong to the Nord N20. It brings a flat-edged and very boxy design, kind of like the iPhones.. It reportedly brings a 6.43-inch display, powered by the Snapdragon 865. When you turn it around we get a pretty sleek design with a dual camera array that kind of looks like if the OnePlus 9 and those Galaxy S22 Ultra leaks had a baby. But alright, let’s talk about the 10 Pro. These renders finally show the display of the phone with curved edges and the punch hole to the left in typical OnePlus fashion. And we get to see that huge triple camera array at the back which doesn’t seem to protrude much which is a good sign. Finally, OnLeaks also shared images of a green color variant which actually looks pretty cool. The interesting thing here is that, a new report from 91Mobiles claims that this phone is already being tested in both China and Europe, with the launch being planned for some time between January or February.. And it makes sense considering we didn’t get a T Series this year. If you’re wondering what the specs are looking like, so far we’ve heard a 6.7-inch OLED display, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 898 or whatever the name would be, a 5000 mAh battery and support for 125W charging. The latest leaked price tag we heard is 1069 but, no other sources have repeated this so take it with a grain of salt.

And finally for the hottest, or should I say saddest news today, Let’s shift gears on to Google and things we thought were going to happen, and yes I’m talking about the Pixel Fold. First we heard that it was coming with the Pixel 6 Series this year and that obviously didn’t happen, with rumors then pointing to it releasing in early 2022. Now we have a new report from the DSSC claiming that Google has put this project on hold as it might not be able to compete with devices from companies like Samsung. The report cites supply chain sources saying that Google is deciding not to bring this foldable to the market in 2021 or the first half of 2022. Apparently Google believes that this product wouldn’t be as competitive as it needs to be in a niche market that Samsung is currently dominating and this would mean higher costs for Google when compared to Sammy. Just as a small reminder we were expecting this device to be similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, with an LTPO supplied by Samsung and the same camera setup we got since the Pixel 3. So yeah, if you’re waiting to see what a Google foldable would look like, it looks like we’re gonna have to keep waiting.

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