Poll: What should be the third rear camera on flagship phones?

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Poll: What should be the third rear camera on flagship phones?

Ah, the smartphone camera! The last bastion of innovation and an area where millions of dollars are spent every year in a bid to make the perfect phone camera system, and of course convince you to buy it.

We’ve seen every combination possible on the back of a phone – from simple two-camera designs to arachnid-inspired, trypophobia-inducing quadruple, and quintuple abominations (remember the Nokia 9 PureView?)

Truth is, people rarely use anything other than the wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle cameras. No matter how many macro, telephoto, microscopic, monochrome, or whatever lens manufacturers put on the back of a smartphone, users end up snapping photos with the main camera mainly (pun intended).

At least, that’s the common view. And also, the point of this poll. Let’s say you’ve got two cameras on your phone – a wide and ultrawide. What would be the third one? A telephoto lens for stalking and… I mean CAPTURING rare and fleeting moments far away from you.

Or maybe a macro lens to make your Instagram page a bizarre quiz-like experience? Some people even prefer a dedicated monochrome sensor in order to get all artsy and stuff (although I actually don’t know such people). But enough blabbering, tell us what you think! What should be the third rear camera on your dream camera phone?

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