Poll: Which is the best phone material? Plastic vs Glass vs Metal vs Ceramic

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Poll: Which is the best phone material? Plastic vs Glass vs Metal vs Ceramic

Remember the days when phones were these huge slabs with crazy shapes and sizes? Nowadays smartphones look very similar and it can’t be otherwise, the huge rectangular displays don’t leave much design freedom.

There’s one aspect where modern smartphones still differ and it’s the material they’re built from. Even though glass sandwich phones still rule the premium segment, you can still find metal phones (the Pixel 5 has a metal body, albeit covered with polycarbonate and with a huge cutout for the wireless charging coil inside).

Plastic is all around us, and Samsung even invented some shady substance called Glastic that’s supposed to feel like glass but it really isn’t. Finally, ceramic phones are also present as a luxury option on some Far East models (not only), and if we want to be extremely inclusive, we should mention the LG G4 and its leather back too.

Each of these materials has its own pros and cons, and before making a decision, let’s quickly go through all of them.


Plastic is obviously the cheapest option, although some plastics are expensive to produce and can compete with glass and metal. Plastic is generally a petroleum-based product, some plastics can be recycled easier than others but let’s see what are the pros and cons when talking about smartphone materials.


Metal used to rule the flagship smartphone territory when wireless charging and 5G were both just a distant dream. Things change though, and nowadays metal phones are extremely rare.


Glass is the preferred smartphone material in the past couple of years, and for a good reason.
There are much more pros than cons to the so-called glass sandwiches. And here they are.


Ceramic is a great glass alternative. It’s much harder, and won’t scratch – some ceramics are harder than any metal you’d use in your day-to-day activities, so they just can’t scratch. But ceramic phones have their issues.
So there you have it. The pros and cons of all major smartphone materials. I know most of you use cases anyway, but maybe if you had your perfect material in your hand you wouldn’t do so? Vote in our poll and tell us what is your favorite material for building phones out of.

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