Prepare for cloud gaming with an Amazon Luna controller for $20 off

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Looking to upgrade some of the devices you game with? There are plenty of amazing gaming and PS5 deals ahead of Black Friday, including Amazon’s Luna controller, which is currently $20 off of its original price.

While it may not be a first-party device like a DualShock or Xbox controller, Amazon’s Luna controller is every bit as capable as the rest, and has some features that may rank it higher than the competition in certain regards. Better yet, the controller is now sitting at $49.99, down from its normal $69.99 price tag. If you’re looking for a solid bluetooth gamepad or looking to give Amazon’s cloud gaming service a try, this might be for you.

Save $20 on the Amazon Luna controller

The Amazon Luna Controller is primarily designed to work in conjunction with Amazon’s cloud gaming service, but that’s not all it does. The controller can also be used as a traditional bluetooth gamepad, and together with its Cloud Direct technology, claims to be the most seamless transitioning controller on the market. If used with Amazon’s gamign service, the controller is said to have a roundtrip latency of only 30 milliseconds, which is pretty great for controller standards.

If you’re not in the market for a controller but are still shopping for other gaming deals, there are still plenty of things to look forward to ahead of Black Friday, including sales on various games, accessories, and more as we get closer to Black Friday, when even more deals will likely begin to pop up.

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