‘Rage Shake’ your iPhone to report an issue on Instagram for iOS with new update

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Update allows you to 'Rage Shake' your iPhone to report an issue on Instagram for iOS

Instagram has been working on adding helpful features to the platform recently, and the most recent improvements come to the app for iOS. 9to5Mac reports that two new features have now been announced by Instagram head Adam Mosseri. The first one is the ability to delete a photo from a Carousel, and the second is a “Rage Shake” function to report a problem.

Instagram on iOS getting Rage Shake to report a problem and Carousel photo deletion

Let’s first talk about the possibility to delete a photo from a Carousel. Adam Mosseri explains that this feature should have been available a while ago and has been highly anticipated, and now it has finally gotten the light of day. With it, you can delete a photo from a carousel already posted on Instagram. The “edit” button will have a new trash icon. You will have up to 30 days to decide whether or not you want the photo back in the carousel; if not, it will be permanently deleted.

If you, on the other hand, don’t want to lose the photo, you can just archive the full carousel rather than exclude selected photos. Archiving allows you to always restore the photos to the feed if you decide you want them back.

The second feature that Mosseri introduced carries quite the funny name “Rage Shake”. Pretty self-explanatory, Rage Shake will allow you to report a problem with the app. Instagram says if whether a Story isn’t loading, the audio isn’t working, you cannot upload a photo or anything else that doesn’t work on the app, you can just shake the phone, and then, the option to report a problem will appear.

These two features will be available to everyone.

Recent changes in Instagram: Threads retiring, main app improving

Recently, Instagram announced it will be discontinuing Instagram Threads, an app that was dedicated to having closed-circle conversations with other Instagram users. The app that was introduced back in 2019 actually seems to have failed to gain popularity and so the company has decided it won’t support it anymore. At the end of December, the app will no longer be available on either the App Store or Google Play, and existing users will start getting notifications about this soon.

While this news may be unpleasant to hear if you’re a Threads user, the Instagram app has been getting loads of improvements over the recent months, so you won’t be disappointed to switch to it.

One of the new features that Instagram is working on to make your experience better is preventing fake accounts and bot-created accounts that spam you. Instagram will require video selfie recording as a step in the registration process, and it will be used to confirm the person registering to Instagram is a real human. Understandably, these videos won’t be shown anywhere on the app and will be deleted within 30 days from the social media platform’s servers.

Another great thing that will be coming soon to the app’s interface is the possibility to “Like” Instagram Stories. Before the change, you could react with emojis or send a message in reaction to a Story, but a simple Like function was not available. The company is working to introduce this basic feature now.

Additionally, according to reverse-engineer and mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram “Live” broadcast hosts will be getting the option to add moderators to their live streams. This will help monitor the feed and the chat for the live stream in check, and further make the communication more enjoyable without the unnecessary trolls to interrupt your favorite content creators’ live stream.

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