Reddit for iOS adds five new real-time features

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Reddit is rolling out a big update for its iOS and Android apps, as well as its desktop version. The company is bringing five new real-time features: voting animations, comment count animations, typing indicators, reading indicators, and a new comment indicator.

According to the platform, these features are aimed at increasing engagement across Reddit.

They answer our question of ‘if other Redditors know other Redditors are viewing the same content, will users be more likely to contribute?’ The answer: yes. This creates a better user experience and makes Reddit a platform that is engaging with rich media and real-time capabilities. 

Here’s how all the new Reddit features work:

  • Vote and Comment Count Animation – With this feature, users will see dynamic animations as vote counts go up or down in real time. In a similar vein, as new comments are posted to content, the comment number on post and in-feed will receive the same treatment. 
  • Typing Indicators –  When Redditors are looking to comment on a post, users will be able to see how many other Redditors are actively typing via an anonymous avatar count shown in the comment window. Usernames of those typing won’t be shown. According to the platform, the goal is to keep Redditors interacting with content more often. 
  • Reading Indicators – Shows Redditors when two or more people are reading a post at any given time by displaying grouped up anonymous avatars in a pill at the top of the comment section, as well as in feed on the bottom of the post unit. Usernames won’t be shown. 
  • New Comment Pill -Shows Redditors when new comments are being posted when they are scrolling through a post. 

These new features are rolling out today across Reddit on desktop, iOS, and Android, so Redditors can look in their favorite subreddits, on their home feeds, and engage with communities. The platform announced that vote and comment count animations are optional for Redditors, and can be turned off under user animation settings.

How do you like Reddit new features? What’s your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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