Samsung 5G chip for cars lands amid massive global automotive chip shortage

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Source: Korean Herald

If you’ve recently visited a car dealer, you must have been presented with a long waiting time for your car. This is primarily because car chips (semiconductor chips used in automobiles) are in short supply. But, it seems that it hasn’t stopped chip manufacturers from announcing new chips. Samsung, today, announced new 5G-enabled chips for cars and automobile vehicles. This is the first time we’re seeing semiconductor chips for cars that are capable of fifth-generational network connectivity. Here are all the details:

Exynos Auto T5123

Exynos Auto T5123 is one of the three chips announced by Samsung today. This chip from Samsung is aimed at providing essential information to a vehicle in real-time all while having download speeds of up to 5.1Gbps. For future cars, which includes self-driving vehicles, 5G seems quite important as the information exchange between cars needs to be fast enough and in real-time. With Samsung’s 5G chips, the dream of self-driving cars inches closer to reality.

Samsung says the Exynos Auto T5123 will provide passengers inside the cars to stream high-definition and 4K videos, and even allow them to make video calls, all while providing real-time information to the vehicle. Samsung says that the chip works in both standalone and non-standalone modes, which is essentially 5G and 4G LTE. The company claims the chip is in “mass production” right now. However, it refuses to name the clients.

The chip comes with two ARM Cortex-A55 CPU cores. It also packs in a built-in global navigation satellite (GPS) system which is pretty essential for a connected car. In addition, this chip also comes with enhanced telematics applications that allow the users to track and monitor cars remotely.

Exynos Auto V7

Exynos Auto V7 is the processor announced by Samsung today that is made for in-vehicle infotainment systems. Samsung promises a “more immersive in-car experience” with the Exynos Auto V7 chip. Samsung says that the Exynos Auto V7 chip’s imaging system provides pixel correction, dynamic range compression, and geometric distortion correction for noiseless and distortion-free images used in features like surround-view and parking assistance. The company also says that this chip will allow users to run multiple systems simultaneously.

Samsung says that Exynos Auto V7 is being used in “Volkswagen’s latest in-car application-server 3.1.” This in-car app was developed by LG Electronics’ vehicle component solutions division, says Samsung.

Samsung S2VPS01

Lastly, Samsung has also announced the S2VPS01 power management integrated circuit (IC). This chip regulates and rectifies the flow of electrical power for “more reliable performance of in-vehicle infotainment system” according to Samsung.

Samsung says that these new chips will allow the company to “cope” with a growing demand for automotive chip technology solutions. And even though Samsung says that chips are in mass production, it may be a while before we see these chips in cars in the wild. How do you think Samsung’s 5G chips will change the car experience? Let us know in the comments section below!

Via: Korean Herald

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