Samsung Galaxy S22 Colors: What to expect?

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What are the Galaxy S22 colors, then? This is all preliminary, of course, but we have some pretty reliable Galaxy S22 colors leaks straight from the rumor mill.Without further ado, let’s check all the hues and shades of the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ colors

Galaxy S22 / Galaxy S22+ in White

According to the latest Galaxy S22 leak, Samsung will be painting the Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy S22+ in the same colors, abandoning the previous generation’s coloring scheme. The Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra all have a unique color variant, even though the Phantom Silver and Phantom Black color options are the same in the latter.This time around Samsung has decided to go for a more traditional White. It will probably be different from the Phantom Silver we saw in the previous generation, and this option will be available as a Galaxy S22+ color too.

Galaxy S22 / Galaxy S22+ in Black

Another classic and a bit boring color but we understand. There should be a black color option in every smartphone portfolio and the Galaxy S22 lineup is no exception. Again, no fancy “Phantom” monikers here, just plain black.

According to the leak, you will be able to buy every Galaxy S22 model in this color option. What about matt or gloss? We think that this could be a distinction between the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ color variants, and the premium Galaxy S22 Ultra.

There’s a possibility that the S22 and S22+ could get the black gloss color option, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra color might be matte black.

Galaxy S22 / Galaxy S22+ in Rose Gold

Here’s a surprise color that we haven’t seen for a while in the Galaxy lineup. Samsung has a Rose Gold Galaxy Watch but the company has been calling its pinkish phones Pink Gold or Phantom Pink.

What would the Galaxy S22 Rose Gold option look like? If we had to guess we’d put it somewhere between the Galaxy S21 Phantom pink and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Mystic Bronze.

Galaxy S22 / Galaxy S22+ in Green

The rumored Galaxy S22 Dark Green color option is another fresh hue in the Galaxy portfolio. According to the Dutch site Galaxy Club, Samsung will introduce this new Green or Dark Green nuance with the Galaxy S22 and S22+.Samsung did a deep green color variant with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 but it’s still not clear if the Galaxy S22 color will be similar. There are some rumors that the Ultra model will feature a dark variant as well but nothing concrete at the moment.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra colors

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in Black (matte)

The Galaxy S22 Ultra color options might not be so much different from the vanilla S22 and the Plus model. The leaks say that the phone will come in Black, just like its siblings but we still don’t know the texture. Samsung might want to distinguish the more premium Galaxy S22 Ultra with a matte finish.

That being said, there’s no guarantee that all the colors won’t be matte. Back to the Galaxy S22 Ultra Matte Black color option. It should be very similar to the Phantom Black variant we saw on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra leaked out in real-life images, corroborating our matte black suspicions.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in White (matte)

Again, Samsung is not taking any chances with wild colors such as orange, yellow, or teal, for example. The Galaxy S22 Ultra color palette is rather conservative, as you can see. It is also pretty similar to the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 colors, so again there might be some difference in the hue or the texture.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra White color should be similar to the Phantom Silver, although a little brighter. Don’t give up, though – there’s one color that’s making a comeback and it’s very exciting.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in Dark Red (Burgundy)

The rumor that Samsung is working on a Dark Red and Green color option for its new Galaxy S22 series was tossed around for some time, only to be corroborated by IceUniverse with a tiny detail – we might see a Galaxy S22 Ultra Burgundy Red color option.Samsung debuted the Burgundy red color option with the Galaxy S8 back in 2017 as a luxury option and rolled it out in South Korea on November 27th. This red color option has been morphing into different hues with each generation (Cardinal Red in the Galaxy S10 series, Cloud Red in the Galaxy S20 FE, and Phantom Red in the latest generation), and now it seems to have made a full cycle back to the original Burgundy.

What is the best Galaxy S22 color?

This question is astonishingly subjective! Some people like black phones and don’t find them boring, while others prefer lighter hues. With that being said, it’s nice to have diversity in the coloring schemes and more wacky colors.

We’re really excited about the new Galaxy S22 Ultra Burgundy Red color option, and think it’ll turn heads. The Galaxy S22 in Green could potentially be a very stylish option among the somewhat bland black-and-white scene.

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