Samsung Galaxy S22 doesn’t seem as potent in the latest benchmarks

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Black Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in hand, Review video capture

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

We are already halfway through November, which means we are getting closer to 2022 and the possible launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series. This also implies that we will start receiving more leaks and information concerning the new Galaxy S series. However, the latest information is not as promising as we’d wish, as it suggests that the new Galaxy S22 may not be as powerful as we expected.

It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus has been spotted at Geekbench by tech site Aroged. The device showed up with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 chipset, where it managed to score a 1,163 on the single-core test and a 2,728 on the multi-core score. For context, its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S21, scored 1,116 and 3,300, and the latest OnePlus 9 Pro received 1,126 and 3,685 scores.

“More specifically, the Galaxy S22+ appears in Geekbench 5 with the next Qualcomm processor with four CPU cores running at 1.79GHz, with three cores running at 2.5Ghz and also with one core running at 3GHz.”

The alleged Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus easily defeats both the Galaxy S21 Plus and the OnePlus 9 Pro on the single-core score. Still, it receives a humiliating defeat when compared to the multi-core department. Now, these results will most likely improve as we get closer to the device’s launch, but we can’t say that they are a bit disappointing.

Numbers get worse when we compare the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus with the benchmark results obtained by the eternal rival, as the iPhone 13 Pro Max scores 1,720 and 4,549. This last comparison may seem a bit excessive, considering that the Pro Max is Cupertino’s best option, while the Galaxy S22 Plus is a step under the Ultra variant. We are also expecting Samsung to feature a new AMD GPU in the upcoming Galaxy S22 series, even though this improvement may be destined to work with the Exynos 220 processor that unfortunately won’t be available in the US market, or at least initially.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S series is expected to arrive sometime in February during the next Mobile World Congress. Rumors also suggest that the Galaxy S22 Plus will come with 8GB RAM, and Android 12, and the latest version of Samsung’s One UI out of the box. But then again, these are still rumors.

Source Aroged

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