Samsung Galaxy S22: Qualcomm or Exynos by country

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra black vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus pink rear on bench

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  • As usual, North America and South Korea will see Samsung Galaxy S22 Qualcomm-based models.
  • In a series of interesting twists, India, South Africa, and the UAE will also get Snapdragon devices.
  • Buyers in the UK and Europe will need to make do with the Exynos 2200 variant instead.

Samsung’s all-new Galaxy S22 series is continuing the Korean company’s long-standing tradition of switching out the processor based on region. Traditionally, Samsung has restricted the Qualcomm-based models to the United States and its own South Korea. However, it looks like the company is changing things this year.

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So far, we’ve been able to confirm that buyers in North America, India, South Africa, and the UAE will get access to Samsung Galaxy S22 Qualcomm-based models. Those will have the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 inside.

We’ll keep this page updated with more information on region-specific variants. Keep checking back for the latest on which countries are getting the Exynos or Qualcomm model.

In the meantime, if you’re ready to grab a Samsung Galaxy S22 Qualcomm or Exynos variant, you can click the buttons below. Pre-orders from Samsung come with a bevy of freebies. You can also, for a limited time, get 256GB variants at the same price as 128GB variants. In the case of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, you can also get the 512GB device for the price of a 256GB model.

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