Samsung takes on Apple again, giving away a free polishing cloth in Germany

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Apple’s new Polishing Cloth has taken the world by storm, and as usual, Samsung is following closely behind with its offering. While Apple is charging $19 for its Polishing Cloth, Samsung poked fun at Apple’s premium offering by giving away free polishing cloths to buyers…

According to the Dutch blog Galaxy Club, Samsung users were able to request a “velvety soft cleaning cloth” for their phones through the company’s Members app in Germany. At least 1,000 wipes were available and now are gone.

It’s unclear whether Samsung will keep giving more polishing cloths, especially as Apple is also “struggling” with long ship dates for its customers. If you place an order for an Apple Polishing Cloth today, it won’t arrive until 2022.

According to the blog, Samsung offered free polishing clothes to buyers of its full range of smartphones, including the Galaxy A52s, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Flip 3, or Galaxy Z Fold 3.

This comes after Apple released an expensive $19 polishing cloth after its “Unleashed” event, where the company also unveiled the new MacBook Pro and AirPods 3.

One of the things that caught people’s attention was the fact that Apple says which products are “compatible” with the Polishing Cloth. This means, technically, you can’t clean an iPhone 4 with the cloth.

9to5Mac’s Parker Ortolani, luckily, was able to get his hands on Apple’s Polishing Cloth before its delivery date slipped:

I’d recommend being careful with the Apple polishing cloth. The light gray color could easily get quite dirty if used to clean up liquids or other types of marks that may have been left by food. If you do this and want a new one, good luck finding one until 2022.

It’s unclear currently if there are safe ways to clean the polishing cloth. It’s certainly possible that it can be hand washed or thrown in a washing machine. But since we aren’t quite sure what it’s made of, I would avoid trying anything too crazy.

Now we have to wait and see how Samsung’s polishing cloth compares to Apple. Which one will clean better? Maybe Parker will make a comparison post for us soon. Stay tuned.

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