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Do the smart thing and invest in an Android TV streaming stick or box. It’ll cost you a lot less to plug a great streaming device into your television set over upgrading to a fancy smart TV running Android. With Cyber Monday deals in full swing, you can score some spectacular smart products at unbelievably low prices. We’ve collected a couple of affordable solutions for your budget Android TV conundrum.

First off, you can score a real sweet deal on the TiVo 4K streaming box this fine Cyber Monday. At up to 33% off at some retailers, this tiny little device brings Android TV and Chromecast capabilities to your TV. You get 8GB of local storage, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos. Physical accessories include a remote with voice controls powered by Google Assistant.

What’s crazy is that for just a few tenners, you even get a 4K resolution. This combination of awesome features at such a low price makes the TiVo Stream 4K the best value Android TV box out there.

TiVo Stream 4K

TiVo Stream 4K | Up to 33% off

Get Google Chromecast and Android TV at a bargain with this TiVo Stream 4K device. You’ll get Google Assistant in your remote control and a glorious 4K resolution in the mix. Snag this Cyber Monday deal for up to 30% off.

If for whatever reason you don’t want the TiVo Stream 4K, there’s more up for grabs. You can get the Dynalink Android TV box at a similar price or opt for the filthy cheap Onn FHD Streaming Device. It’s no Roku LE, but it brings more than enough to the table for only $15.

The Onn FHD Streaming Device sells exclusively on Walmart. This means that once they run out of stock, you’ll be out of luck. Grab this incredibly cost-effective Android TV stick while you can this Cyber Monday.

Dynalink Android TV Box Render

Dynalink Android TV Box | Up to 40% off

The Dynalink Android TV Box runs Android TV OS 10 and supports a 4K resolution. It’s been certified by Google for authenticity so you can go ahead and purchase this with ease of mind. Just like the best Android TV devices, this streaming box comes with Google Assistant voice controls built into its remote as well.

Onn Fhd Streaming Device Reco

Onn FHD Streaming Device | 40% off

At the cost of almost nothing, you get FHD streaming and Android TV with this affordable streaming stick. The Onn FHD Streaming Device comes with a Google Assistant remote control, an HDMI extender, a 5-feet long Micro USB cable, and an adapter. It’s only available at Walmart so you’d better score one for less while you can.

$15 at Walmart

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