Should you wait for the Galaxy S22-series?

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Should you wait for the Galaxy S22 series

We’re merely months from the official announcement of Samsung’s next big thing — the Galaxy S22-series. As usual, Samsung will unveil three flagship phones: the regular S22 and S22+, which will mostly differ in terms of size, and an S Pen-laden Galaxy S22 Ultra, which will inherit the general design and features of the Galaxy Note series, which died off. 
Judging from previous releases, the Galaxy S22 will likely be released in January 2022, similarly to the Galaxy S21, which was announced and subsequently released in January 2021. That’s both awfully close to the current moment in time but also quite a long period of time for the tech world.
Now, there’s a Black Friday deals bonanza paired up with the shopping season just before the Holidays, meaning that many will be on the lookout for a flagship phone. In all honesty, if you’re looking for some of the best phones available on the market right now, it’s certain that the Galaxy S21-series will be among the top offerings.
Should you just buy one now for yourself, or gift a loved one a high-end Galaxy smartphone? Or simply wait for Samsung to unveil its next darlings and try to combat the chip shortage and inevitable back-orders and bet on the Galaxy S22-series? There are at least two perspectives to this problem.

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Why you should wait for the Galaxy S22-series

Yet, taking in mind all the intriguing tidbits of leaks and rumors regarding the Galaxy S22-series, there’s probably a good reason or two to wait for Samsung’s next flagship smartphones.

Not only is the design shaping up to be different from what we saw on the Galaxy S21, but they are also rumored to come with some rather intriguing hardware on board that could be unlike anything we’ve seen on a Galaxy so far. If that’s not piquing your curiosity, then hardly anything else will.

With just two months or so remaining before we see the Galaxy S22 series official, it’s probably wise to hold off on purchasing a Galaxy S21, S21+, or S22 Ultra, and see how many of the rumors will turn out to be true — and how many will check in at “Bogus” hotel.

After the seemingly disappointing sales of the Galaxy S21-series, there’s a certainty looming about that the South Korean chaebol will try to knock it off the park with the Galaxy S22, which has a hard task ahead of itself. Indeed, the Galaxy S22 will have to compete with the iPhone 13 series and try to shorten any existing gaps between the two flagship families. Of course, Samsung outdoing itself will benefit users as well, as a strong competition coming from the South Korea-based manufacturer will push others to do the same. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Why you shouldn’t wait for the Galaxy S22-series

There’s the old saying that goes, “Good things come to those who wait,” but that’s not necessarily true with today’s cutting-edge tech in mind. In all honesty, if you always keep waiting for the next big thing that’s just around the corner, you’ll essentially never get anything. There’s always something newer, shinier, faster, and better value for your buck coming.

Surely, with Black Friday and the Holiday season fast approaching, it’s more than certain that multiple outlets and stores will run enticing deals and promotions including super-premium Samsung phones (we’ve seen a few already), making Samsung’s current top phones an enticing offering.

Even though the Galaxy S22 series will definitely raise the bar in more areas than one or two, the Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra are all pretty capable still. They were the first Samsung phones to come with a new take on the minimalistic design that usually graces Galaxy flagships, and were also the forerunners of some important new features that will inevitably shape the future of high-end phones for years — adaptive refresh displays and in the case of the S22 Ultra, a dedicated periscope lens that offers exceptional zooming capabilities.

Another school of thought probably shifts the flagship focus towards the foldable prodigies. The Galaxy Z Fold 3, for example, is as good as they come when it comes to top-notch flagships. It truly bundles all the advancements Samsung has made so far, and despite that it doesn’t offer the very best and most capable camera or battery life, an argument can be made that the Z Fold lineup is truly the most advanced line of phones Samsung has in store for the tech-savvy consumer. On top of it all, it has its own S Pen. This further waters down Samsung’s flagship lineup.

Yet another argument can be made that deals with the most trivial reason to skip the Galaxy S22-series of all — the price. Judging from the rumors, the Galaxy S22, S22+. and S22 Ultra might be slightly more expensive than their predecessors, which might not sit well with many. 

And indeed, while the Galaxy S21 started at $799, the Galaxy S22 launch price is rumored to be $849; at $1,049 the Galaxy S22+ adds $50 over the Galaxy S21+’s $999; finally, the S22 Ultra will break the bank at $1,299, whereas the initial price of admission for the Galaxy S21 Ultra club was $1,199 at launch. The difference isn’t exactly marginal and would definitely hurt the adoption od the upcoming devices. 

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