Some Amazon devices are at record-low prices ahead of Black Friday

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Black Friday used to begin on, well, Friday. Back then, retailers started opening up shop on Thursday night, and that was considered to be early. But times keep changing and Amazon wants you to start your holiday shopping right away. There are many Black Friday prices across the site, but some of the best Black Friday deals are on Amazon’s own devices.

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We’d often point out which products are at their lowest price ever, but such is the scale of this sales event, almost every Amazon device in these deal lists is at a previously unbeaten price.

Black Friday Amazon device deals

Smart home

Tablets and e-readers

Streaming devices

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Do you need Amazon Prime for its Black Friday deals?

Unlike Prime Day, Amazon’s Black Friday deals don’t technically require Prime. That said, we highly recommend signing up for a 30-day free trial if you don’t have it. Amazon may save some of its steepest deals for Prime members, and also during the holiday season getting fast shipping is extremely helpful.

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