Spotify debuts ‘Netflix Hub’ for all the songs that you love from popular shows and movies

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Source: Spotify

Spotify today announced the launch of a new hub dedicated to Netflix. This new hub contains all the popular music and soundtracks from famous Netflix TV shows and movies. The company says that the new Netflix hub is accessible to all the Spotify free and premium tiers, and the users can access the library by simply searching “Netflix” on Spotify.

Spotify, in its blog post, says that “trending shows and movies aren’t just inspiring fandoms, they’re fueling internet-wide obsessions.” The new Netflix shows are trending so much so that Spotify listeners had created “more than 22,500 unique [Squid Game] themed playlists” within two weeks of debut.

To “keep the experience going,” Spotify has announced that the two streaming companies are coming together. The new Netflix hub is accessible in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., Ireland, and India. In this hub, you’ll find playlists from Netflix TV shows like La Casa de Papel, On My Block, and Bridgerton, along with the official soundtracks from Cowboy Bebop, Bruised, Squid Game, and more. In addition, this hub also contains Netflix-related podcasts like Okay, Now Listen, Netflix Is A Daily Joke, 10/10 (Would Recommend), and The Crown: The Official Podcast.

If you’re looking to access Netflix Hub, you can directly go to the hub by clicking this link.

What are your thoughts on the new Spotify’s Netflix hub? Do you go to Spotify after you’ve watched a show on Netflix to listen to its background music and soundtracks? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source Spotify Newsroom | Via The Verge

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