Spotify finally brings back real-time lyrics

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Spotify lyrics
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The much-awaited lyrics functionality is finally back on Spotify. While other popular platforms offered the feature, Spotify removed it many years ago, and has only promised that it would return someday. Fortunately, that day was today, and the new Spotify lyrics functionality is already rolling out to desktop users, on mobile, tablets, smart TVs, and consoles. Earlier today, Spotify has also made subscriptions available globally.

Both free and premium Spotify users will benefit from the new feature, which will be available to everyone, regardless of their subscription tier. The feature has been requested for many years by tens of thousands of users, and Spotify has only just returned the much-anticipated feature. It’s great to see Spotify finally listening to user requests and bring features back that users have been asking for.

I have already tested out the feature on my Mac and Android devices, and it only required a quick restart on pc. On the desktop, you can easily click on the microphone, which will bring up the lyrics on supported songs, while on mobile, you’ll have to scroll down to see the lyrics.

From my quick testing, not all lyrics are synced up with the song, and not all music have lyrics included, but that will likely change as even more users will start using it, and contributing to it. The lyrics are provided by Musixmatch, and the feature is available in all markets where Spotify is officially available.

After removing the lyrics feature many years ago, Spotify introduced the Behind the Lyrics feature that was powered by Genius, however, this wasn’t as helpful as text that lets you sing along your favourite songs.

I am really excited to see this feature working again as intended. I have long been waiting for it to come back, and I was one of the many who requested it a very long time ago. Spotify kept promising that it would come back one day, but never said when it would, and after waiting a few years, it was clear that we may never see the feature again. It’s a happy day for Spotify users and fans.

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