TCL outs the cheap 30 XE 5G for T-Mobile, and a Verizon-exclusive TCL 30 V with mmWave 5G

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TCL outs the affordable 30 XE 5G for T-Mobile, and a Verizon-exclusive TCL 30 V with mmWave 5G

On the eve of the official CES 2022 expo start, TCL announced a trio of cell phones, two of which will be landing to U.S. carriers very soon. “In the coming weeks” T-Mobile and its Metro by T-Mobile subsidiary will release its first 5G phone of the brand, the TCL 30XE 5G, while Verizon will get the spec’d-out mmWave 5G warrior TCL 30 V as an exclusive. 

Priced competitively, the TCL 30XE 5G specs feature, as the name suggests, the latest generation of cellular connectivity, all at a very affordable price that TCL said it will release a bit later. Judging from the January 27 date on the phones’ press renders, this could be the release timeframe for the new TCL phones.

T-Mobile TCL 30XE 5G specs and price

  • 6.52″ 720p NXTVISION OLED display with 90Hz refresh
  • 2.2GHz MediaTek Dimensity 700 chipset
  • 4GB RAM/64GB storage plus a microSD card slot
  • 16MP main camera + 2MP depth/macro sensors + 8MP selfie camera
  • 4500mAh battery 

The TCL 30XE 5G specs sport a big 6.5″ display with a high 90Hz refresh rate and a “long-lasting battery, so customers will feel safe knowing their phone will last throughout the day and into the night,” tips TCL.

The TCL 30XE 5G sports a midrange processor paired with 4GB of RAM which is pretty explicable at what is sure to be an amazing entry level 5G phone price point. TCL still promises a “fantastic connectivity and performance” from its first 5G smartphone that will be available on T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile.

Verizon TCL 30 V 5G specs, price, and 5G speeds

  • 6.67” 1080p 60Hz OLED display
  • 2GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G chipset
  • 8GB RAM/128GB storage
  • 50MP main + 5MP ultrawide/macro + 16MP selfie cameras
  • 4500mAh battery

Very similar in specs to the TCL 30XE 5G, the TCL 30 V 5G is heading to Verizon, where it will be a Big Red exclusive when it is released there soon. The big difference between the two new American models by TCL, of course, is that the TCL 30 V for Verizon supports both the carrier’s Ultra-Wideband 5G, and its Nationwide 5G networks. Thus, you can expect some record breaking 5G speeds from Verizon’s TCL 30 V 5G model, at least in the limited areas where the carrier offers mmWave 5G connectivity.

The TCL 30 V 5G specs specs feature a big 6.7″ 1080p OLED display with TCL’s NXTVISION technology that features adaptive HDR imagery. An octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset runs the show, and the TCL 30 V comes with 128GB internal storage. As usual for TCL, the 4500mAh battery size doesn’t disappoint, and it is paired with fast charging.

A triple rear TCL 30 V 5G camera rounds up the great offering for Verizon customers, as it sports a modern 50MP main camera sensor and an ultrawide-angle lens kit, while the front camera is a 16MP unit for wide-angle selfies.

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