The ASUS ROG Swift PG32UQX – 4K LED HDR At A Price

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Forget The GPU Prices, How About A $3000 Display

That is the price tag of the ASUS ROG Swift PG32UQX, a 32″ 4K IPS display with a 144Hz G-SYNC Ultimate chip in it and an impressive DisplayHDR 1400 with over 1000 local dimming zones.  That is a comprehensive list of features, but the entry price is going to be a barrier for many that were hoping to pick one up since it was first revealed at CES 2020.  Still, you can dream about the PG32UQX while reading KitGuru’s review.

Physically it resembles other ASUS ROG Swift panels, though not all have a separate 2″ OLED display that can be set to display a number of things including system statistics.  Connectivity includes a single DisplayPort 1.4 and three HDMI 2.0 ports, as the G-SYNC chip used does not support HDMI 2.1 at all, as well as an upstream USB 3.0 port and two out. As there is no speaker on the display, a headphone jack is also included.

The colour calibration is almost perfect out of the box, and it’s luminance uniformity is among the best KitGuru has ever seen.  If you are looking for true colour representation, keep in mind that current connectivity means using HDR at 4K/144z will offer 8bit colour, if you want true 10-bit HDR you will need to drop the maximum refresh rate to 120Hz.

Correction: we are informed that the PG32UQX is actually capable of running at 10 or 12 bpc at 144Hz with DSC (Display Stream Compression), at least on NVIDIA graphics cards.

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