The best Black Friday 2021 accessory deals

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Samsung Wireless Charger Stand rear view

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Black Friday 2021 is nearly upon us, but you don’t have to wait to get some great deals on accessories for your phone or electronic device. We’ve done some digging and found the best Black Friday deals to take advantage of right away!

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Save up to 39% on the Razer Kishi mobile gaming controller

razer kishi xbox xcloud

Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

For anyone interested in serious mobile gaming, the Razer Kishi is the perfect accessory. And now, it’s cheaper than ever as part of Black Friday 2021! The Android version sees the biggest discount, but the iPhone and Xbox-specific versions are more than 20% off, as well. All of them are the perfect accessories for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Google Stadia.

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Save $50 on the Galaxy Buds Plus wireless earbuds

A picture of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus true wireless earbuds on a gray surface.

While the Galaxy Buds Plus have since been superseded by the Galaxy Buds Pro, they’re still among the best true wireless headphones you can get. And now, thanks to a special Black Friday discount at Walmart, you can get them for more than 30% off for a limited time. Oh, and those newer Galaxy Buds Pro? They’re $50 off too.

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Save up to 30% on SanDisk microSD cards

move apps to SD carad

Not too many phones include microSD cards these days, but they’re still a hugely useful accessory for photographers and fans of the Nintendo Switch. If you need a bit of extra storage you’re in luck, because nearly all of SanDisk’s Ultra microSD card catalog is on sale on Amazon. Check out the best deals below.

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Save 33% on a Fitbit Sense health tracker

fitbit sense

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Health nuts rejoice, because Fitbit’s top-tier health tracker, the Fitbit Sense, is available at a steep discount for a limited time. It comes with a host of sensors to hone in on your body’s performance, and for a limited time, you can save a whopping $100 off the retail price.

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Save up to 42% on Samsung’s wireless charging pads

Samsung Wireless Charger Stand alone

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

No matter how many devices you need to charge wirelessly, odds are there’s a Samsung charging pad on sale right now for you. The biggest savings are on the Stand 2.0, which offers Qi-certified charging up to 15W. There’s also a steep discount on the Samsung Trio, which is capable of wirelessly charging three devices at once.

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Save 19% on the Belkin car mount

Belkin Universal Car Vent Mount review 4

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Our pick for the best car mount, the Belkin vent mount, is also on sale now on Amazon. It clips to your car vent and should fit just about any model of phone. Check it out at the link below!

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