The best Fitbit clock faces for your smartwatch

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Spicing up your smartwatch with a fresh watch face is the easiest way to customize your device. For Fitbit users, this is especially true. If you own one of the Versa devices, the Ionic, or the Sense, you can choose from a variety of Fitbit clock faces made by community members. Below, we take a look at some of our favorites.

The best Fitbit clock faces

spo2 signature fitbit clock face

This isn’t our favorite Fitbit clock face in terms of aesthetics, but it’s great for health tracking. SpO2 Signature allows wearers of the Sense, Versa 2, and Versa 3 to visualize their blood oxygen levels. The data is displayed on the watch face each morning and in the Health Metrics section of the Fitbit app. Don’t care about blood oxygen? You can tap the screen to cycle through other metrics, like heart rate and zone, active zone minutes, and more.

circles fitbit clock face

Circles takes a leaf out of the Apple Watch‘s activity ring design. This Versa clock face’s main feature is a multicolor five-element ring that displays total steps, distance, active minutes, floors climbed, and calories burned in relation to goals. A text readout of these stats is also visible on the right. The face also displays battery level and heart rate with separate smaller rings below.

blokk fitbit clock face

Here’s one for typography and gradient lovers out there. Blokk puts the time front and center and has four additional slots to display watch status info or activity info. We particularly like the choice of gradients. While the text will remain white with a black border and sharp shadow cast from left to right, you can choose between several color combinations or a specific option that changes based on the time of day.

minimolo fitbit clock face

Minimolo’s a Fitbit clock face that puts minimalistic design first. The time display is large and easy to read, printed in a narrow font. The face also displays total steps, distance, and heart rate. Tapping the face also pulls up a battery bar in the top left. Overall, Minimolo is among the classiest clocks on the Fitbit gallery.

glitch fitbit clock face

Add a bit of chaos and color to your wrist with Glitch. This free clock face is based on an original Fitbit design but adds new animations and four color themes. Tapping the face also cycles through fitness stats and info in the bottom right, while heart rate details are displayed in the bottom left. The real kicker is its always-on display support, making it one of the few free Fitbit clock faces to pack this feature.

cube fitbit clock face

It’s hard to believe that this is a free watch face. Its headline feature is a bold two-level time display that packs a slew of customization options. You can change the background or font color to a variety of shades, or tap the display to view additional fitness data. The face also displays the weather and battery status of the wearable. Rounding up the offering, the face also features a progress level of a stat of your choice, which subtly rises in the face’s background.

thexa fitbit clock face

Here’s one for lovers of the digital watch aesthetic. Thexa mimics dot-matrix watches with a four-level approach to displaying fitness data and time. Each level showcases two stats, with steps, caloric burn, floors, and active minutes detailed in bars along the face’s left edge. Along the right-hand side, heart rate, time, date, and numerical step counter are on display. There’s a small battery display in the top center, too. As for color options, you get a choice between black, green, gray, and red.

terminal fitbit clock face

There are plenty of Linux terminal-style faces on the Fitbit gallery, but this one is our favorite. Not only is it free, but it’s also open source. It displays core personal and device information, including time and date, battery life, steps, distance, and heart rate. You can also add a personalized username, choose from one of six fonts, or five themes in the face’s settings menu.

modern analog fitbit clock face

Who doesn’t love an analog clock face on a smartwatch? Modern Analog runs a circular dial around the Versa series, Ionic, or Sense complete with a colorful minute hand. Although the face focuses on minimalism, it nonetheless features a heart rate readout in the bottom right. The current date is also visible in the center-right of the face.

Read It & Weep

Price: Free

read it and weep fitbit clock face

Finally, here’s an excellent text-based clock face for your Fitbit. Read It & Weep packs a black and white design that displays the time and date in text. It’s simple but surprisingly easy to read if you’re easily confused by numeric time readouts. We would’ve liked a few more customization options, but overall, this face will serve you well alongside any Fitbit band or outfit.

That’s it for the best Fitbit clock faces. Do you feel we left any out? Which clock face is your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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