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While we still wait for the Canon EOS R3 to begin shipping, and witness a Nikon comeback with the exciting Z 9, there are obviously questions now on how Canon will respond with an EOS R1, which is all but guaranteed to be coming in 2022.

When is the Canon EOS R1 coming?

I have been told we should expect the Canon EOS R1 to begin shipping in Q4 of 2022. An announcement may come as early as Q3.

Will the Canon EOS R1 have a global shutter?

While this has been rumoured in the past, it’s sounding more and more like it won’t. We’re seeing sensor readout speeds that may be negating the need for a global shutter and I expect the processing power in the EOS R1 to be insane.

Who is the target market for the Canon EOS R1?

Think of the Canon EOS R1 as a 5D series DSLR, a camera built for pretty much every situation. Quoting a source – “A jack of all trades, and a master of none. Except that it will be a master of everything.”

Has the design been finalized?

Not yet, feedback from the Canon EOS R3 will help finalize the specifications of the EOS R1. Canon has really started to build higher-end products with tons of feedback from users over the last few years, and this will continue for the EOS R1 development.

How many megapixels will the Canon EOS R1 have?

I have seen a presentation slide talking about a camera above the EOS R3, I will assume it’s the EOS R1, but it wasn’t named. The presentation mentions that the camera will have a higher resolution than the Canon EOS R5’s 45mp. The actual pixel count was not mentioned.

One could say that such a camera could be the long-rumoured “EOS R5s”, but I haven’t heard anything about such a camera in a long time. Canon may feel the market is fine with 45mp at that price point and that people that want more, are going to be willing to pay more.

What about video features?

As always, these are hard to come by. I think it’s safe to say that it’ll shoot 8K at various framerates, but I can’t give you any more detail than that.

How much will the Canon EOS R1 cost?

More than the EOS R3, but I don’t think we’re going to see the return of $10,000 camera bodies.

That’s it for now, there are other bits of information that I am trying to clarify, but with a product being that far out, it’s a hard thing to do.

I do expect information to ramp up a month or two into 2022.

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