The Eve Spectrum Gaming Monitor, HDMI 2.1 And 4K At 144Hz

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We are finally starting to see 4K displays with high refresh rates that are under $1000 and the hardware to be able to push it; unfortunately those GPUs are still far over $1000.  The 27″ Eve Spectrum 4K Gaming Monitor supports both Freesync Premium Pro and G-SYNC, so you are not limited to one vendor to be able to get variable refresh rates.  It offers connectivity including HDMI 2.1 , DisplayPort 1.4 , USB-C and legacy USB. 

Eve might be a new company but they seem to know what they are doing as Tweaktown described it as “beautifully presented, and so easily put together and turned on.”  Eve offers a stand with the Spectrum 4K as well, which is capable of rotating from landscape to portrait as well as providing height and rotation adjustments as well, for an extra $100 if you don’t plan on using a monitor arm.

The Eve Spectrum will cost you $800 without the stand, which is somewhat higher than the competition, but then again not everyone wants a 48″ display.  The packaging and overall design of the monitor are well worth the time to take a gander at.

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