The latest Demeo campaign, Roots of Evil, launches December 16

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Resolution Games took to Twitter to announce a second expansion for their beloved, card-based RPG, Demeo. The free DLC is set to include new cards, enemies, levels, and even a bard as a new playable character class.

The announcement only confirmed the new character, but Resolution Games also uploaded a brief developer Q&A hosted by their community manager, Ciwiel, on their YouTube channel. The Q&A included a few details about the upcoming DLC, including some concept art for the game.

The video also hinted at what else players can expect in the team-based RPG’s future. It confirmed that more similar expansions are in the works at Resolution. It also announced that they would be raising the level cap in the game and that more in-game cosmetic items were on the way.

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Our own Nick Sutrich enjoyed Demeo as a chance to enjoy all the fun of classic tabletop roleplaying games with his friends in the world of VR. The Roots of Evil is set to launch as a free update on December 16 on Steam VR and the Oculus storefront.

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