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While there are dozens of Black Friday Chromebook deals to choose from today, there are few deals that are universally great for anyone and everyone. So whether you just want to try out Chrome OS and see what all the fuss is about, you need a starter Chromebook for your kid, or you just want a tablet that’ll stay updated for seven years and looks great for Netflix and Disney+, Lenovo has the only Chromebook deal you need.

You might not have ever heard of the Lenovo 10e, but I guarantee you’ve heard of its prettier, two-tone twin: the Lenovo Chromebook Duet. The 10e shares the same steady performance, great screen quality, and portable size as the Duet, but the shell and the glass have been ruggedized, and the price has slashed dropped 65 to 70%.

Lenovo 10e Chromebook Tablet Bundle

Lenovo 10e Chromebook Tablet (Save up to $265)

This is the classroom-tested version of the Lenovo Chromebook Duet, with a 400-nit, 1,920×1,200px touchscreen, long battery life, and unlike the Duet, this version still has a headphone jack. You can buy just the tablet for $99, but I recommend grabbing the keyboard bundle for $139 for a better out-of-box experience.

From $99 at Lenovo

Rather than a Gorilla Glass touchscreen, the Lenovo 10e uses Dragontail Pro, a popular alternative to Gorilla Glass that boasts 30% better resistance to corner drops, which is essential to a Chrome tablet with edge-to-edge-glass. Rest assured, the screen is still 400 nits brightness for easy visibility outside in the shade. Of course, 400 nits will still wash out in direct sunlight, but for $99, this screen puts most Chromebook screens under $400 to shame.

Another significant upgrade is that rather than having to rely on Bluetooth headphones, you can plug in good, old-fashioned wired headphones or earbuds when you’re on a Netflix binge or listening to a video call. One of the few drawbacks of the Lenovo Fuet is that the speakers weren’t very strong, so headphones are essential for YouTube marathons.

You still have access to all your favorite Android apps through Google Play, but unlike Android tablets that are slow to receive updates (and receive 3 to 4 years of updates at most), the Lenovo 10e will get monthly system and security updates direct from Google until June 2028, its AUE date. This means that if you take care of it, this compact tablet could last you for almost a decade.

Lenovo sells the tablet by itself or in a bundle with the kickstand folio case, and I highly recommend buying the case bundle, as it’s getting harder and harder to find aftermarket. While Chrome OS is getting easier and easier to use tablet-only, it’s still best when connected to a keyboard, given all the keyboard shortcuts you can take advantage of.

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