This $129 Samsung Chromebook early Black Friday deal is classroom-ready

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We’ve seen some fantastic Chromebook deals already this year including a Chromebook with a 2K touchscreen down to $279, but alas, even that cost is too high for many budgets. If you need to outfit multiple kids with their own Chromebooks — or just need a lightweight laptop for yourself, the Samsung Chromebook has a price you’ll like.

Powered by the same Intel Celeron N4000 that powers most student Chromebooks, this 11.6-inch Chromebook should last a full school day, 4GB of RAM, and Samsung’s minimal design. It won’t get mistaken for a Galaxy Chromebook in any shape or form, but it’s easier on the eyes than most budget Chromebooks.

It also charges over USB-C Power Delivery rather than an old-school barrel plus charger, meaning replacement chargers are plentiful, affordable, and in a pinch, you can charge your kid’s Chromebook with the same PD charger your Mac or recent Windows laptop does. Google guarantees Chrome OS updates for the Chromebook until June 2026, at which point your child will probably be ready for a bigger laptop for middle or high school.

Save $70 on the Samsung Chromebook 4

The 32GB of storage might not leave much breathing room, but great microSD cards go for less than $10 these days — and larger capacities like 128-256GB cards will likely drop into that territory, too, on Black Friday.

The screen on the Samsung Chromebook 4 isn’t a touchscreen, which is a bummer because I genuinely believe that touchscreen Chromebooks are best for kids because it allows them another means of interacting with content — and the best experience with Android apps and games that you can download through Google Play. Walmart has the Acer Chromebook Spin 311 down to $155, almost half-off from its original 2020 price of $300.

The Acer Spin 311’s 2-in-1 form factor allows it to be flipped into stand mode tablet mode when you don’t need to keyboard; stand model is especially handy for when kids interact with educational games (or adults play Microsoft Solitaire). The longer support life on the Spin 311 will also allow it to last through grade school and into middle school so long as a student takes good care of it.

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