Verizon randomly giving out 999GB of Bonus Data for as low as free

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Verizon randomly offering 999GB of Bonus Data for as low as free

Verizon is giving some customers a chance to get 999GB of bonus data every month for as low as free.
According to posts on Reddit, which were first reported on by Droid Life, and HowardForums, Verizon seems to be handing out 999GB of bonus data randomly to people who are on older tiered data plans, such as S – M – L – XL. This includes hotspot data too.
The carrier is not actively advertising the promotion and there is no mention of it on its website. Even some Verizon employees appear to be clueless about it. 

Verizon’s Bonus Data FAQs page says that people who have the 5GB or 10GB Shared Data Plan, the new Verizon Plan shared data plan (e.g., S, M, L), the Verizon Plan, and the MORE Everything Plan are eligible for bonus data.

Some people were offered 999GB of data for $5, and some were asked to pay $10 each month. The luckier ones got it for free.

This is extra data on top of the monthly data that the consumer is paying for and what makes it even more exciting is that if you have any left by the end of the month, it carries over to the next. Verizon will keep doling out 999GB of extra data for as long as you remain on your current plan.

As for why Verizon is being so generous, a couple of theories are being floated around. This might serve as a test for a plan meant to rival AT&T’s Unlimited Elite and T-Mobile’s Magenta Max or it might have something to do with compliance with the California Internet Consumer Protection and Net Neutrality Act, also known as SB-822.

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