Wake up your smart home with more than $30 off a Lenovo Smart Clock 2!

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The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is a miniature smart home hub built for your nightstand, with a display that can go dim enough to not disturb your sleep, while providing all the Google Assistant functionality you want when you’re awake.

Usually it retails for around $70, but for Cyber Monday it’s down to less than $40 at Walmart. What’s more, the retail giant is also throwing in a Lenovo Smart Bulb for free. This deal appears to not include the optional wireless charging dock add-on though, unfortunately. If you want that version, Best Buy has it for $70 ($20 off the standard price.)

Nevertheless if you’re waiting to jump on a great Cyber Monday smart home deal, without spending too much cash, this one’s definitely worth a look.

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 Cloud Grey Render

Lenovo Smart Clock 2

Enjoy Google Photos integration, morning and bedtime routines and all the other Google Assistant home hub benefits in a device that’s designed for your nightstand. For just 40 bucks, this one’s hard to beat, especially since Walmart is throwing in a free Lenovo Smart Bulb.

$39.88 at Walmart

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is available in gray and blue, and features a 4-inch LCD touchscreen. In our review of the Smart Clock 2 earlier this month, Android Central’s Chris Wedel praised its audio quality and Google Assistant-powered features.

If you want a small screen smart display with Google Assistant, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is your only choice. While usually having only one option is a bad thing, in this case, it really isn’t. Lenovo has done a good job of designing a product that looks nice and, more often than not, works very well.

For just over half the original asking price and with a free smart bulb thrown in, you’ll definitely want to snag this one before it’s gone.

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