What do you think of today’s in-display fingerprint sensors?

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Asus ROG Phone 5 product shot of the fingerprint scanner with the screen on

Ryan-Thomas Shaw / Android Authority

In-display fingerprint sensors have been around for almost four years, dating back to the likes of Vivo and Huawei in 2018. These first efforts were pretty slow and prone to scanning errors, but everyone from Samsung and Xiaomi to OnePlus and Google has embraced the tech since then.

Now that almost four years have passed, we want to know what you think of today’s in-display fingerprint sensors. Are they actually good these days? Let us know by taking our poll below.

We have seen some technological improvements on paper, it must be said. Some companies have introduced ultrasonic fingerprint scanners for a better experience, while brands have also touted bigger scanning areas and faster reading as other improvements.

Then again, we’re still waiting for under-display fingerprint technology that covers half the screen, as we saw from Vivo’s Apex concept back in 2018. Our own reviewers have also complained about the Pixel 6 line’s fingerprint unlock experience. So it’s far from guaranteed that every phone with an under-display fingerprint sensor will offer a great experience.

But what do you make of the technology today? Make your voice heard via the poll above and leave a comment if you have more on your mind.

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