What is Super Alexa mode?

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Amazon Alexa is full of little tricks and secrets. Some of them are genuinely useful, while others are there purely for your own amusement. Super Alexa falls squarely into the second category — here’s how to activate it, and the explanation behind its existence.

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Super Alexa mode is activated with the famous Konami Code, also known as the Contra Code, and invokes a silly response that sometimes includes an obscure League of Legends reference. It’s an Easter egg rather than a practical feature.


How do you activate Super Alexa mode?

Two Amazon Echo Dot Kids speakers

Tell a speaker “Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.” You have to get this exactly correct for Super Alexa to trigger. In fact if you make a slight error in the word order, Alexa encourages you to try again with responses like “you’re so close” or “close but no cigar.”

If you’re successful, Alexa will either say it’s giving you “power-ups” or present you with a more elaborate message, as follows:

“Super Alexa mode activated. Starting reactors…online. Enabling advanced systems…online. Raising dongers. Error. Dongers missing. Aborting.”

What’s the story behind Super Alexa mode?

The box art for Contra on the NES

Super Alexa is an Easter egg for long-time gamers. The trigger phrase is the Konami Code, also known as the Contra Code. It was first used in Konami’s 1986 game Gradius for the NES, but is better known from Contra, a platformer released in 1987. Entering the code at Contra’s title screen gave players 30 lives. As Contra was so notoriously difficult, memorizing the code was often considered less of a cheat than mandatory.

The code has since been put in many games, including some that have nothing to do with Konami such as Fortnite, Tetris Effect, and BioShock Infinite. You can even use it with Siri or Google Assistant to elicit unique responses.

The term “dongers” in one of Alexa’s responses is a reference to Imaqtipie, a League of Legends streamer on Twitch. He’s famous for using a champion called Heimerdinger, whose name he shortened to “Donger.” That in turn got put into the phrase “raise your dongers” and caught on with Twitch and the rest of the League of Legends community.

Activating Super Alexa has no practical value. Its presence presumably stems from someone at Amazon being a fan of Contra, Konami, or gaming in general.

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