WhatsApp developing new apps for Windows and Mac, here’s your first look

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WhatsApp Windows app working

ALumia_Italia on Twitter

According to a new report from reliable source WABetaInfo (via @ALumia_Italia), WhatsApp is developing native apps for Mac and a UWP app for Windows. For a long, the WhatsApp app on Windows and Mac has just been a window that opens up WhatsApp web. But, according to the new leak, WhatsApp is now making native apps for both the operating systems.

The leaker says that this version of the app is based on UWP, which uses the XAML UI language that makes the app look similar to how native Windows apps look. Along with the existence of the new WhatsApp app for Windows and macOS, @ALumia_Italia has also shared some screenshots of how the app looks, at least on Windows.

The leaker has also shared a small video on Twitter to showcase how fast the new app is in comparison to the current WhatsApp Web app. At the first glance, the app loads very quickly in comparison to the current app. Moreover, the apps look quite similar to how Microsoft apps are on Windows — with translucent background and native-looking search, settings, and “new chat” buttons.

In addition to being the native app, the new WhatsApp app for Windows also comes with features like support for Windows Ink that allow you to draw and sketch on the app. Also, since the app is now a UWP app, you no longer need to keep WhatsApp running in order to receive notifications. Notifications will come even if the app isn’t running. In addition, the app also comes with the new WhatsApp features like “My Contacts Except.”

whatsapp native app for Mac and iPad

WhatsApp app for Mac and iPad



In addition to bringing a new app to Windows, WABetaInfo has also reported that the company is developing a new app for Mac. The company is currently developing a native app for iPad, which will make use of the multi-device feature, and the report claims that the app for macOS is based on Catalyst. For those of you who don’t know, Apple allows developers to make cross-platform apps for iPad and Mac using the same code. So, currently, the app for Mac looks “exactly the same” as the app for iPad. However, some design improvements are expected, such as sidebar instead of the bottom bar.

How to install new Windows UWP app on your Windows device

new whatsapp native app for Windows

ALumia_Italia on Twitter

Along with reporting about the existence of a new native WhatsApp app for Windows, WABetaInfo has also provided steps on how you can install the new app on your Windows device. The publication says that the app is still in the “beta” stage, but it’s “incredibly stable” to use. Though we haven’t tried the app on our device yet, WABetaInfo is a reliable source when it comes to WhatsApp.

Before you install the app, you must know that you need the multi-device feature enabled on your main device. Moreover, you should know that the app is available on both Windows 11 and Windows 10. However, some elements like the “Search” button are still square-cornered, so it seems like the app was first built for Windows 10. But, seeing the history of WhatsApp’s app development, we can presume that the app will be updated with Windows 11 UI elements soon.

To install the app, you can head over to the Microsoft Store and download the app. After installing the app, you need to link your WhatsApp account as you would do on WhatsApp Web, i.e., by scanning the QR code. WABetaInfo says that some features like archived chats, status updates, and stickers are still missing, but it claims that these features will be added “soon.”

Via: WABetaInfo

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