With its new Tiger strategy, Samsung plans to surpass Apple in North America

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With its new Tiger strategy, Samsung plans to surpass Apple in North America

Samsung Electronics has a new strategy for increasing its phone sales in North America and catching up with Apple. As reported by The Korea Herald, Samsung named this new plan “Tiger,” which is said to be an acronym.

According to the report, “Tiger” stands for:

  • True No. 1 in all product categories
  • Improve flagship market share
  • Gap between Apple
  • Expanding
  • Record Year

Tiger is a set of goals that Samsung wants to achieve in 2022. While it is not clear what “true No. 1” actually means, we see that Samsung is not only aiming to sell more phones, but also smart products within its product ecosystem. In fact, Roh Tae-moon, head of Samsung’s mobile experience division, said: “Our MX (mobile experience) vision is to shift from a smartphone vendor to an intelligent device company. We will not be a tech brand, but a brand beloved by young generations, providing innovative experience,” according to the report.Additionally, the report says that Samsung’s goal for 2022 is to increase the sales of products over $600. Products like the upcoming Galaxy S22 flagship phones would surely fall within that price bracket.

As for the gap between Apple, even though Samsung had the largest market share in North American and European markets in the third quarter of last year, Apple continues to dominate overall smartphone profits.

The expansion of Samsung’s business is expected to be a battle on many fronts. The company will continue to look for new ways to entice users to use its Galaxy phones – something it’s been doing successfully with its Galaxy Z range of foldable phones. Another part of the expanding goal is for Samsung to increase its presence in the electronics accessories segments as well. One such segment is wireless headphones, where Apple still dominates.
By fulfilling all of its set goals this year, it looks like Samsung could fulfill the last goal from the Tiger strategy, making 2022 a record year.

It is suspected that Samsung discussed its Tiger strategy at a pre-CES 2022 executive meeting in Las Vegas. About 40 Samsung executives are said to have attended the meeting.

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