You can now (finally) block someone on Spotify with new update

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You can now (finally) block someone on Spotify with new update

Spotify is now getting a very useful feature with a new update, and it is the ability to permanently block other users, reports 9to5Mac. Before that, in order to do so, you needed to go through customer service, which seems a rather complicated process just to block someone.

You will now finally be able to block someone on Spotify

The music-streaming platform isn’t social media, per se, but there still might be some reason you may want to block someone. You may not want someone you dislike to be able to access your playlists or activity on the platform. No matter what the reason for the blocking is, the feature is a basic feature and should be available on any app. Now, Spotify is updating how you block people on its platform and will give you the possibility to do that yourself for the first time. The option to do so is available both on desktop or from your mobile device with this new update.

In order to block someone on Spotify, you need to visit the user’s profile in the app, click or tap the “…” (three dots) button, then select “Block” or “Block User” (on mobile). If you, later on, decide you have changed your mind, you can unblock them from the same place.

According to Spotify, the introduction of this feature is a part of its ongoing mission to provide the best experience on the platform while ensuring it is a safe environment to listen to music and podcasts. The new feature should start rolling out this week.

For quite some time, Spotify has been missing the possibility for users to block someone themselves. Back in 2018, the company picked the blocking feature as a “good idea”, but at the time, it was not included on a product roadmap and the company did not give any timeline of the implementation or arrival of the feature.

Then, in 2019, Spotify gave users the option to block artists. But this block was in case you didn’t want to listen to them anymore and the option was called “Don’t play this artist”. However, you still had no option to block your ex from seeing the stuff you were doing on Spotify. The only option you had was to contact the company’s customer service so they could block them for you.

Spotify’s rival, Apple Music, on the other hand, has always had the option to block a user from their profile > tapping the “…” button > block.

Other recent Spotify updates

Spotify has been on a mission lately to significantly improve the experience of its users. One such feature, that we reported on earlier, is the new Enhanced feature. It promises to further improve your playlists with personalized recommendations. The new feature is available for Spotify Premium users and is not available for free users though. In order to use the Enhanced feature for recommendations on iOS or Android, you need to toggle the feature at the top of each playlist you have. Once that’s done, recommendations will automatically be added to the list of tracks. One recommendation will appear after every two tracks, and the maximum recommendations the app can give you is 30.

Another new and fun feature Spotify recently released is the Blend feature, which was before that in a beta period. This option allows you to blend your playlist with that of another Spotify user so you and your friend can merge your favorite songs in a playlist just for you. This new feature is now available globally to both paid and free Spotify subscribers.

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